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Party Character Mascots

Party Character Mascots

 Party Character Mascots For Hire

Costume Characters Available for Appearances and Parties
Each costume character comes with a party host, stereo system, and music. Each character is booked by the hour. Costume Characters are performed through a professional entertainer. We do not rent out costumes characters for personal use.

Our Entertainers Do Not arrive in costume but will get changed at the venue before the event start. Mascots will need to have room, so please provide enough space for photos and hugs.

Character Mascots for any event.
Greet and Meet for Pictures, hugs, dancing around, games, staying for the singing of Happy Birthday and cutting the cake with the kids.
Each character mascot comes with a performance host

Olaf Dance Party is so much fun!
Your kids will have a blast! The lovable little mischievous snowman comes alive at your center! Olaf will come with a Party Host that will guide the kids and Olaf in games and dances that the kids are familiar with.

One Character for up to an hour – $200
Two Characters for up to an hour – $350


Why can’t the Mascot come alone and not have a Performance Host?

Navigation: As you can imagine, vision is limited and it is very hot inside of the Mascots. The Performance Host helps the Mascot safely navigate around the event (i.e. going up and down stairs, squeezing through tight spaces and blindspot vision).

Safety: Sometimes children behave differently towards a Mascot than they would to another person and occasionally pull on the costume, hit, punch, kick, etc. We have the Performance Host there to help protect the Mascot and remind guests to be gentle.

The Performance Host explains activities, runs the music, passes out props, leads games, assists guests with taking pictures and helps kids warm up to and interact with the Mascot. They also help the Mascot in and out of costume, which they can’t do by themselves. Overall, the Performance Host makes sure that the event run smoothly!

Does the Mascot need a room to change? Or will he/she arrive in costume?

Yes: We do ask for a private room or restroom for the performer(s) to change in before the event, they will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time to change.

If the only room that you can provide is a public restroom, we ask that it is cleared of any guests and someone stands outside of the restroom door to make sure no one enters while the performer(s) are changing. We do not want to ruin the Grand Entrance.

We only need 30 minutes, not a full hour. Can we get a lower rate?

No: Unfortunately, Our Mascots have a strict one-hour minimum for events. You are free to use 30 minutes and ask the Mascot to leave, but they must receive the full one-hour booking fee.

Will the Mascots talk at all?

No: the Mascots will never talk so as to preserve character integrity, but they are very proficient performers who can interact silently and animate what they are trying to communicate to the guests.

The Performance Host is there to answer any questions and handle all vocalized interactions with the client and guests.

Does the Mascot need a break during the 1 hour?

Typically No: Generally if you are booking the Mascot for our standard 1-hour package, they do not need a break midway through.

However, the Mascot and Performance Host have a way of signaling each other if they do need a break at any time. This is common for heat exhaustion, bathroom break and or costume malfunction. We ask that you keep access to the restroom (preferably a private restroom) open to the Mascot the entire time to keep any break time as quick and smooth as possible.

If the mascot is ever at your party for longer than one hour, they will need a 15-minute break between every hour.

Do I need to supervise the guests while the Mascot is Performing?

Yes: Even though the Performance Host is present, please understand that you are hiring a performer for your event, not a babysitter. The performer is not responsible for the behavior and/or safety of your guests, it is your responsibility to watch all guests in attendance for the entire duration of your event. Vertical Kids Entertainment shall not be held responsible or liable for any injuries or property damage incurred by guests at your event.

At what point during my event should I have the Mascot arrive?

Start Time: We recommend booking the Mascot a minimum of 1 hour afterthe planned start time of your event. This gives your guests a chance to arrive and settle in before the Mascot arrives.

End Time: We recommend having the Mascot leave at least 30 minutes beforeyour event is scheduled to end. This gives you a chance to wrap things up (i.e. eating cake, passing out goodie bags, opening gifts, etc.).

Contract: The Mascot will notbe able to adjust the contracted start time on the day of the event due to guests running late. Late guests are welcome to join in the activities as they arrive.

How far in advance do I need to book a Mascot?

Availability: Booking is based on availability and we recommend that you do notwait until last minute to book your Mascot for your event!

We do not have a minimum or maximum time requirement to secure a booking but please note the following:

a) Booking within 7 days of your event, requires payment in full at the time of booking.

b) The more notice that you give in advance, the better the chances of your desired Mascot being available. Some clients book an entire year in advance!

Are your costumed characters Disney Characters, TV Characters or Movie Characters ?